About Maia

Maia’s uniqueness lies with her very logical side meeting her creative and spiritual side.

Maia is Certified with a Diploma in Hypnotic Sciences and a year in Gestalt Psychotherapy as well as being a Certified De Trauma Technique Specialist among other specialities and a professional member of both the AHA and HCA.

Maia has been an entrepreneur and business coach in the past and is well experienced in chronic pain having suffered from severe chronic pain herself for 23 years prior to finding hypnotherapy.

Maia is very passionate about hypnotherapy based on her own experiences with it and has dedicated her life to continue learning in the areas of epi-genetics, health and nutrition and all things hypnotherapy and upgrading her knowledge while practising and helping to improve the lives of others.

Specializing in pain management and breaking the barriers of the norm.
Maia encourages you to be your ultimate self.

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Dip. Hypnotic Sciences, Dip Business Management, Dip. NLP,
Year 1 Gestalt Psychotherapy, Cert. Ancestral Trauma, Cert. De Trauma Technique.

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What People Say

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Very connected to my needs and made me feel very comfortable. Highly talented and highly recommended.

Elizabeth Bratcher

Maia is amazing, professional and approachable. Would highly recommend 5*

Beth Welch-Aris

I have really enjoyed the hypnotherapy sessions I’ve had here and have gained some really positive changes for my life. The sessions have been gentle and I have felt very supported as I worked on some difficult challenges I had. Thank you so much for being so caring and understanding.

Zali Beans

Let’s break those barriers together.

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