Many people have questions about Hypnotherapy and there is often little understanding about it.

All therapists are different but these are just a little of my philosophy and questions that have come up in the past.

Am I in control while under hypnosis?
Yes. You are in complete control at all times. When we see hypnosis on stage and TV it is an act and not at all the way clinical or medical hypnosis works.

Can you turn me into a chicken?
No. People who volunteer on stage are usually handpicked by the hypnotist as very extrovert, open and actually wanting to get on stage and act like a chicken. If you don’t want to be a chicken, no one can ‘make’ you be a chicken through hypnosis.

Will looking into my eyes control you?
No. I don’t believe this is possible for anyone to be able to control you or even persuade you using just their eyes. That is not how hypnosis works and you have to be a willing participant at all times.

Will my opinions be valued during the session?
The therapy session is yours and all about you, your opinions are not only welcomed but encouraged. The more involved and committed you are, the more awareness will arise giving you the best outcomes.

How does hypnosis change the way I think?
Through well-placed suggestions to our subconscious that are in our best interest for a positive outcome or healing our mind is eager to accept them ready to facilitate change.

Can I speak during Hypnosis?
Yes! Your voice and body will be working completely fine should you need to use them.

Is Hypnosis used in cults?
Hypnosis is suggestion, there is no force. The client must be open to it and a good hypnotherapist will always have the best interest of the client in mind. We follow the same oath “Do no harm” as the rest of the health industry. Most cults use psychological abuse to lower the followers self esteem as well as lies and propaganda. This is not hypnosis.

Is Zoom hypnosis just as effective?
In todays ever changing world, Zoom is a great option to treat people that are unwell or at a distance, it can be just as effective and some people actually prefer the comfort of their own home over travelling to an appointment. Raw Hypnotherapy offer both options for this reason.

Why is hypnosis so expensive?
Your professional therapist will spend time prior to your session and afterwards writing and recording each individual hypnosis specifically for each client to get the best possible outcomes, this takes time and extensive knowledge.
Maia has had extensive and expensive training and further development is always ongoing.
There are also many overheads such as memberships with organisations, insurances.

Are hypnotherapists professionally trained?
Yes. Maia undertook a full time Diploma in hypnotherapy for 1 year (2052 hours) plus 1 year in Gestalt Psychotherapy and many extra shorter training courses in specific areas on top of a lifetime of reading. You should always look for a therapist that has had extensive training such as a diploma or higher qualification from a reputable school.

Is there a governing body for hypnotherapists?
Yes. Most well trained hypnotherapists will also be members of reputable organisations such as AHA (Australian hypnotherapy Association) and ASCH (Australian society of clinical hypnotherapists) and HCA (Hypnotherapy Council of Australia) these organisations promote professional and ethical practice in the community and you must have certain qualifications to be a part of them.

Can anyone become a hypnotherapist?
Unfortunately this is one of the great problems in our industry, there are people who have done very minimal training practising hypnotherapy. It is a learned skill and while the therapist must be compassionate and have the best of intentions they also must be well-trained and well practised for hypnotherapy to be safe and effective in particular in dealing with trauma, PTSD, pain management and anxiety.

Can hypnotherapy be dangerous?
We can never know what may come up in the hypnotherapy session prior to beginning even when the client has booked a particular issue. This is why it is so important that the therapist is well-trained in many areas and ready for anything so healing can take place at the time and the experience is a positive and wonderful one.

I encourage you at all times to ask as many further questions as you need, I want you to feel comfortable, it is your therapy and you should get the most out of it.

If you would like to know more please feel free to read our FAQ or if we haven’t covered something please add to them by contacting us. Also feel free to meet our therapist Maia, who will be facilitating both group and intensive sessions.

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