PTSD and Anxiety

Anxiety can be extremely debilitating as PTSD and Trauma can be.
Most anxiety does stem from some form of PTSD.

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Raw Hypnotherapy use a specialized technique to desensitise the trauma without you having relive and to retell your whole story to the therapist. This saves time and money as well as the simple fact, it is understood that reliving the trauma is not in your best interests and in many cases can actually be very damaging to the client, especially in cases where there has been more than one therapist.

Using the De Trauma Technique along side other therapies we can desensitise you to the trauma and then use hypnosis techniques to work through the anxiety.

The De Trauma Technique is trademarked by Kaz Field Anderson, a second generation Hypnotherapist and one of my teachers. Only a few therapists in the world have access to this new technique.

It is recommended that a minimum of 3 sessions take place for trauma and PTSD and there have been some amazing results in this time with very few clients needing more than this. It is for this reason Raw Hypnotherapy offer a discounted 3 session rate as well as 40% off for pension card holders as we understand, often this trauma is preventing a regular work life.

Change is possible…

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Single Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Session

Let’s start a new beginning today!


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3 X Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Session

Serious about change? I am too! Get a discount for booking multiple sessions.


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Awareness = Alignment = Ascension

If you would like to know more please feel free to read our FAQ or if we haven’t covered something please add to them by contacting us. Also feel free to meet our therapist Maia, who will be facilitating both group and intensive sessions.

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