Pain Management

There are many hypnosis techniques for pain management and improving the lifestyle of someone in chronic pain is possible.

Chronic Pain doesn’t have to be a life long sentence!

Chronic Pain

Pain can be a warning signal within the body that something is wrong but with chronic pain the signal may not be serving its true purpose. Hypnotherapy offers a holistic natural solution.
Currently all sessions are offered on Zoom so you don’t even have to get out of bed!

All pain is unique to the individual person, in most cases, clients can receive some, if not significant improvement in pain levels within the first two sessions. Right from the very first hypnosis sessions we will discuss the type of pain, start working on reducing that pain and come up with a simple pain management plan for working into the future. You will receive personalized recordings as part of your plan so you can continue treatment at home between sessions and into the future.

It is of utmost importance to have your pain checked out and cleared by a doctor or medical professional prior to seeking hypnotherapy solutions to make sure there is no serious underlying cause or to gain a diagnosis of any underlying cause. Hypnosis is generally a treatment for long term, chronic or stable conditions. You are in charge. Once you know what is going on and are ready to move forward with your pain and invest in yourself and your well being we are ready.

Raw Pain Management Session

A combination of Hypnotherapy and Gestalt Psychotherapy techniques to reduce the severity of your pain and help manage severe and chronic conditions.
This is a single one hour appointment and can be combined into a multi session package if requested.

Raw Pain Management Group

Each week meet for therapy laughs and fun with this Pain Management Group Program.
All inclusive and a fraction of the cost of a private single session. Bring a friend or meet some here.
Strictly limited places each week, book for 1 week or many.

If you would like to know more please feel free to read our FAQ or if we haven’t covered something please add to them by contacting. Also feel free to meet our therapist Maia, who will be facilitating both group and individual sessions.

Hypnotherapist Maia is well trained in both therapy & trauma and is a registered Professional member of AHA, ASCH, HTA. Private health insurance rebates are available (please check with your individual insurance as to your availability) Appointments available in person and on Zoom, alternative times can be arranged on request.

I had no idea my chronic pain pain was connected to me emotionally. Once we removed this connection my pain was insignificant and no longer affected my mood and mental well-being. Would never of believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself.

— Natalie Wood

Who knew, all this pain I have lived with for years with little relief. Wish I had found hypnotherapy earlier.

— Adam Blakeley

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