Ready to quit that addiction or another bad habit?
Are you ready to meet the next level of you?

Week 1

Addictions always have an underlying cause. At Raw Hypnotherapy we want you to quit once and for the long-term. Some places will offer you a solution in one session but this does not deal with the underlying cause, they may work they may not.
In week 1 we chat about your expectations, the causes and stresses in your life as well as your triggers and habits for your addiction. In this session we also have a wonderful relaxation and healing hypnosis that is recorded for you to then take home and listened to over the next week.

Week 2

Every client is different and all treatment is tailored specifically for each client’s needs. In week two we further explore any trauma, anxiety, past and future goals that may be currently affecting the ability to get past your addiction as well as coping mechanisms to avoid similar behaviours in the future. In each week we further encourage and suggest this through hypnosis.

Week 3

This is a set date that we decided on and work towards from week one where we reinforce and break the addiction and the client quits for the future. This includes an individual, tailored hypnosis written specifically just for you in order to break your particular habit and overcome your triggers into the future. This hypnosis is recorded and sent home with you to listen to for 28 days in order to reframe all the neural pathways and give you lasting results into the future.

Week 4

With follow-up with a an update on how you are progressing and leave you with an inspiring hypnosis to take you to the mindset of where you’d like to be in the future to help you to break down any barriers to get there. This hypnosis is recorded for you to take home and listen to in the future when you need any inspiration guidance. Our four week program is designed to not only help you give up your addiction but heal why it started and to empower you to own your future.

“Maia made giving up smoking not only easy but an overall amazing experience. No cravings, no anxiety, I loved every minute of it!
Thank you.”

— Sarah Jensen

“I was nervous about quitting but Raw Hypnotherapy made it a really easy fun experience. I enjoyed learning so much about myself through the experience.”

— Nick Manely

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