I am ready!

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Raw Hypnotherapy are waiting to meet that ultimate you!

If in doubt, about what you need to work on, book in for a general Raw hypnotherapy session and we can work it out together.

Services are personalized specifically for each individual.

Please scroll down to book session time, an intake form will be emailed to you shortly after booking which you may choose to fill out and email back or we can fill out together during your session.
Alternatively, feel free to contact us to arrange your appointment personally if you prefer.

Yes! Zoom appointments are available if you are unable to attend in person, we can still achieve amazing results from afar and you can be hypnotised over Zoom too. All you need is a device with good internet connection.

Ready for change?
Ready to achieve that goal?
Ready to be on your way to the ultimate you?
You can achieve any reasonable goal you set your mind to, so let’s set that mind together and make it happen!
I believe in you!
This single session includes an optional intake analysis and is personalized just for what you need in the now.

Let’s get Raw!

3 Raw Hypnotherapy Session Bundle

Serious about results? Commit to 3 sessions and take advantage of this amazing discount as well as using a seamless program to get results. This includes an optional intake analysis and 2 take home hypnosis recordings personalized just for your needs.
Let’s get Raw!

Raw Group Sessions

Take advantage of a full hypnotherapy session at less than a third of the price by sharing it with others. A great chance to connect and meet like minded others and make life long friends. Join the group today for a single session or continue as long as you like with no obligation on a week to week basis. Only 12 places per group, first in with booking each week unless prior arrangement.

All groups offered on Zoom, Australia Wide.

HTA Students Only

Excited and honoured to be a recommended therapist for Hypnotherapy Training Australia.

I am I,
You are you.
I do my thing, and you do your thing. 
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations 
and you are not  in this world to live up to mine. 
If by chance we meet, it’s beautiful. 
If not, it can’t be helped.
You are you and I am I.

— Fitz Perls

Hypnotherapist Maia is well trained in both therapy & trauma and is a registered Professional member of AHA, ASCH, HTA. Private health insurance rebates are available (please check with your individual insurance as to your availability)

Awareness = Alignment = Ascension

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