Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation that is below the surface of awareness, access to this state leaves your subconscious mind open to open to healing, new ideas and resolving deep issues, you could think of it as the ego and self, everything the world has taught us to be through social conditioning and expectations, stepping back and leaving your soul open to learn, communicate and rewire new connections without other influences.
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Raw Hypnotherapy’s focus is what you need in the now. We align you with your goals, finding and healing whatever that may be for you. Helping you achieve what you need to and find that next amazing level of you…

Chronic Pain Management
Creative flow blockages
Anxiety, fears & grief
Empowerment & Confidence
Business Empowerment & development
Sports Enhancement Hypnosis
Couples Connection Hypnosis
PTSD & Trauma Desensitisation
Ascension Therapies & Connections
Mind Alignment

Raw Rebirth

During 5 Sessions we get raw, we get real and we evolve the past to help you become your ultimate self. This is the ultimate self love commitment for those that are serious about change and ready for that change today. Whatever you are looking to achieve, the rebirth gives you the fresh clean slate to be who you want to be.

Meet Therapist

Maia is a specialized Clinical Hypnotherapist. Who works uniquely and compassionately using her many different skills, getting permanent results fast and helping you exceed your own expectations is her passion.

Group Sessions

Sometime extra connection brings extra power for change. Invite some friends along or meet some life long friends here in the powerful programs on offer for your needs. We can also tailor a session to your groups needs. Group sessions are currently being redeveloped, contact to register your interest.

What an amazing experience, very thankful for everything you have done.
-Kodie Marie Atkinson

Amazing service! Thanks so much xx
-Sandy Starviking

Book a Healing Package

Have a particular goal in mind?
Packages are a great way to achieve to your ultimate goal.


Ready to completely quit your addiction? Like to quit naturally, with minimal cravings and be happy and confident about it?
You can!

Pain Management

Learn powerful drug free techniques for chronic and extreme pain. Connect with body psychotherapy techniques, metaphysical awareness as well as hypnosis to help you move forward.

Anxiety & PTSD

We are one of the few De Trauma Technique TM Specialists in the world offering this unique effective form of desensitization for trauma and anxiety as well as many other techniques.