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Meet The Therapist

Maia is a qualified, certified and Hypnotherapist with a full diploma in Hypnotic Sciences as well as training in Gestalt Psychotherapy, NLP and a De Trauma Technique Specialist.

Raw Services

Always are uniquely altered to you and what you need in the now. Raw Hypnotherapy offers breaking down barriers wherever you need to get you to that next level…

Chronic Pain Management
Anxiety Therapies
Empowerment & Confidence
Business Empowerment
Sports Enhancement Hypnosis
Couples Connection Hypnosis
Smoking & Habit Cessation
Weight loss Empowerment
PTSD & Trauma Desensitisation

And… Last but not least… All round breaking barriers of the norm to get you to your ultimate self!

Raw Group Sessions

Sometime extra connection is extra power for change. Brings some friends along or meet some life long friends in the powerful programs on offer for your needs. We can also tailor a session to your groups needs.

What People Say

What an amazing experience, very thankful for everything you have done.
-Kodie Marie Atkinson

Amazing service! Thanks so much xx
-Sandy Starviking

William & Megan James

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Have a particular goal in mind?
Packages are a great way to save and commit to your ultimate goal.

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Ready to completely quit your addiction? Like to quit naturally, with minimal cravings and be happy and confident about it?
You can!

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Pain Management

Learn powerful drug free techniques for chronic and extreme pain. Connect with body psychotherapy techniques, metaphysical awareness as well as hypnosis to help you move forward.

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Anxiety & PTSD

We are one of the few De Trauma Technique TM Specialists in the world offering this unique effective form of desensitization for trauma and anxiety as well as many other techniques.

Discount available for all Pensioner card holders when booking for Pain Management and Trauma sessions, please contact directly before booking.

Hypnotherapist Maia is well trained in both therapy & trauma and is a registered Professional member of AHA, ASCH, HTA. Private health insurance rebates are available (please check with your individual insurance as to your availability) Appointments available in person and on Zoom, alternative times can be arranged on request.

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